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Twill Tape by Access Commodities


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We use Twill Tape for wrapping the inner piece of our wooden Hardwicke Manor hoops. 

Benefit: helps to keep your stitching material from slipping and loosening up, and protects your fabric from getting marked.

100% Cotton, 1/2" x 4 yards.

1 package covers up to an 8" hoop.

Instructions: take the inner hoop, hold the twill tape end on the inside of the hoop, and start wrapping. You'll want to overlap each wrap by a bit, and keep wrapping until the entire hoop is covered. Then with needle and thread, place a few stitches on the end of the twill tape to tack it into place. (Note - if using your hoop for materials like satin or silk, you may want to wrap both the inner and outer hoops.)