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Tomato Dame by Plum Street Samplers


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Are you a tomato pincushion collector? (Did you know that in olden days it was believed that a tomato on the mantel of a new house brought prosperity and repelled evil spirits? NOW, don't you want t collect them?) Of course back then they were called pimpilowes or pyn pillows or pin poppets. Today we just call them cheerful.

Stitch Count: 97 W x 89 H

Model Fabric: 36 count Virginia Beach Brew by R & R Reproductions
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Weeks Dye Works: Mascara, Terra Cotta, Bright Leaf, Bullfrog, Parchment, Havana, Cayenne, Chrysanthemum, Whitewash

And DMC: 407, 92412.0