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Sisterhood of the Needle by Colorado Cross Stitcher


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We have quite a bond with each other, don't we? The Sisterhood of the Needle! Stitch up a strawberry or pin pillow for your stitching besties. Stitch up the long lineup for someone in your stitching group. Or stitch them up to remind yourself that you belong to a wonderful community!

Charts include patterns for: two square pin pillows, one strawberry, one long lineup of stitchers with multiple choices for the words below. (Stitching friends are the best, Sisterhood of the Needle, My friends are enablers, or Stitching with my besties.)

You can stitch these as Sisterhood, Brotherhood, or Fellowship of the needle. You can switch out hair colors and hair styles, dress patterns and pants patterns, etc., to make it personal to your friends.

Stitch Count: 
Large Pillow: 139 x 49
Strawberry: 79 x 46
Square Pillows: 41 x 43
Skinny Pillow: 126 x 21

Model Fabric: 36 ct Mushroom/Light Mocha
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Classic Color Works: Black Coffee, Cherry Cobbler, Grasshopper, Jolly Holly, Sassy Brass, Razzleberry

Weeks Dye Works: Chestnut, Blue Suede, Charlotte's Pink, Bright Leaf, Spanish Moss

The Gentle Art: Dungarees

Fleshtone Options:
739, 543, 167, 434, 3862, 3781, 898

Or DMC: 844, 801, 3831, 3345, 3347, 783, 930, 931, 3727, 902, 436, 04