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NPI Entire Collection


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This is my dream - to have ALL of the colors in the NPI line. All 476 of them. I'd like to be stitching with silk the rest of my life! So I made this entry for people like me who want them all.

This beautiful 8-ply silk line is reeled (not spun), making the filaments longer and stronger. You will also find this gives an extra luster to the thread. Comes in 476 gorgeous colors. 5 meters per skein.

The photo shows our NPI wall. You'll be getting one skein each of all 476 colors.

We rounded down the price and knocked $80 off of the total, so you're paying for 460 skeins and getting 16 skeins for free.

Please allow an extra 7-10 days before your collection ships from our shop in Colorado. We are not able to ship this collection internationally.