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Midnight Watch by Blackbird Designs


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I'm not sure whether a giant black cat keeping watch over your house is a good thing or a scary thing, but he seems to be taking his job seriously! Cute stars on the roof and patchwork pumpkins, too.

Stitch Count: 123 x 219

Model Fabric: 30 count 18th Century Brown by R & R Reproductions
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Weeks Dye Works: Bullfrog, Caper, Carrot, Charcoal, Sweet Potato

The Gentle Art: Apple Cider, Apricot Blush, Brandy, Gingersnap (x 2), Gold Leaf, Mulberry, Toasted Barley

Classic Colorworks: Blackbird, Gingersnap (x 2), Pea Pod