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Mary Harry 1808 by Modern Folk Embroidery


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The colors in this sampler are what catches my attention in this one. Simple border and motifs, with over one stitching in the lower case alphabet and Mary's name. You'll find eyelets used in the largest letters, and rococo stitches just above that. (Instructions on both included in the pattern.)

Stitch Count: 115 W x 150 H

Model Fabric: 32 count linen
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Leo & Roxy: Chocolate Ganache, Amaretto, Creme Brulee, Silver Birch, Teal or No Teal, Pacific, Mollusk

I have converted it to NPI Silks for my own planned stitching:
Chocolate Ganache - NPI 955
Amaretto - NPI 301
Creme Brulee - NPI 903
Silver Birch - NPI 962
Teal or No Teal - NPI 525
Pacific - NPI 491
Mollusk - NPI 851