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Mary Forsyth/Mary Brown 1838 by Gigi R


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This is an interesting Scottish sampler with beautiful colors and also some quirky parts! The figure under the tree of knowledge appears to be Adam (as he was typically shown on the left side). Even has been replaced by the basket of fruit. This is signed by Mary Brown (age 14) and also Mary Forsyth (age 41). We don't know if Mary Brown grew up and married a Forsyth and finished her sampler at a later age, or whether this is a mother/daughter sampler with both stitching on the original. The bottom left corner has a WB (heart) MF. And I particuarly love the teal peacock and the red house in this one!

Stitch Count: 209 x 269


Classic Colorworks: Wisconsin Woods, Ye Olde Gold, Hazelnut, St. Bernard, Pumpkin Harvest, Roasted Chestnut, Chai, Little House Brown, River Rocks, Country Lane

The Gentle Art: Parchment, Raspberry Frost, Evergreen, Rose Garden, Piney Woods, Black Licorice, Chamomile, Dark Chocolate, Blue Spruce

Weeks Dye Works: Red Pear, Olive, Caper, Oscar, Aztec Red

And DMC: 815, 3777, 3047, 816