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Marie Honorat 1820 by Gigi R


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Marie was just 10 years old when she completed this big sampler. What a treasure! I can see her whimsy (and age) in the way she did her borders and motifs - really just stitching along, not worried about making it match necessarily, and enjoying where the needle took her.

Stitch Count: 546 x 457


Weeks Dye Works: Used Brick, Beansprout, Blackbird, Eve's Leaves, Four-Leaf Clover, Peanut Brittle, Perfect Piecrust, Roasted Chestnut, Country Lane, Snowball, Cinnamon Toast, Curry

The Gentle Art: Blue Jay, Parchment, Garden Gate, Gingersnap, Melon Patch, Mustard Seed, Old Purple Paint, Blue Spruce, Toasted Barley, Toffee, Wood Trail