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Maria's Sampler 1831 by Gigi R


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There are so many beautiful borders and flowing vines on this sampler. Plus elegant alphabets, interesting people, and story-telling vignettes. A must-have for your sampler wall.

Stitch Count: 494 x 562


The Gentle Art: Avocado, Pine, Grasshopper, Chives, Grape Leaf, Endive, Cornhusk, Shutter Green, Woodrose, Copper, Lambswool, Antique Rose, Claret, Weathered Barn, Old Purple Paint, Roasted Marshmallow, Dried Thyme, Bayberry, Mountain Mist, Tropical Ocean, Evergreen, Freedom, Heirloom Gold, Pecan Pie, Caramelt Corn, Harvest Basket, Brandy, Shaker White, Buttermilk, Summer Meadow, Maple Syrup

Weeks Dye Works: Terra Cotta, Charcoal, Peach Fuzz, Straw