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Eighth Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree by Hello from Liz Mathews


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Each pattern in this series is just as beautiful as the next. You can do them as a whole big piece (and wouldn't that be impressive?) or as individual pieces famed or done up into trees (imagine a tree lineup along the mantel). They're also not so Twelve Days of Christmas specific that you couldn't just do some of the ones you like as winter pieces!

Stitch Count: Sampler: 97 x 132 Tree: 111 x 133

Model Fabric: 40 count Fog by Picture This Plus (sampler), 36 count Cream and Sugar by Fiber on a Whim (tree)
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


NPI Silks: 205, 866, 324, 321, 356, 694, 693, 774, 998, 991, 122, 962, 305, 964