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Christy Barron by Erica Michaels


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Aren't these happy colors? I'm thinking Christy Barron must have had a cheerful outlook on life. I also find her stitching of the words to be quirky and fun. Birds, fruit baskets, flower post, peacocks, and a simple and interesting border complete the look.

The verse is taken from a hymn by Joseph Addison in 1712, entitled The Good Shepherd. It says: "The Lord my pasture shall prepare and feed me with a shepherds care. His presence shall my wants supply and guard me with a watchful eye. My noon day walks He shall attend and all my midnight hours defend.

Stitch Count: 243 x 268

Model Fabric: 37 count Corn Tassel by Legacy Linen
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Weeks Dye Works: Cayenne, Chestnut, Clockwork, Jay Bird, Lily Pad (x 3), Louisiana Hot Sauce (x 2), Oscar, Palomino, Schneckley, Straw


And DMC: 422, 3865