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Carolina Amelia Trowell by With Thy Needle & Thread


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Every time I read the write-up about a reproduction sampler (who the stitcher was, what their life was like, what may have influenced the things they put on their sampler), I want to make what they made. This pattern is no exception. You'll love reading the history of young Caroline, and you'll come to appreciate the quirky elements she added to her piece. (Check out the shepherd's legs - the long neck on the lady, the interesting big bird, the unusual butterfly). A special piece, that includes photos of the original inside.

Stitch Count: 205 x 204

Model Fabric: 40 count Antique Lace by Seraphim Fabrics
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Weeks Dye Works: Sandcastle (x 2), Putty, Twilight, Baked Apple, Brick, Cinnabar

Gentle Art: Roasted Marshmallow, Wood Trail, Heirloom Gold, Endive (x 3)

And DMC: 610, 730, 754, Ecru