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Belsnickles by Teresa Kogut


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What exactly is a Belsnickle? According to Mr. Google, the Belsnickel is thought to be a companion or servant of Saint Nicholas. He travels alone and visits homes a week or two before Christmas, to see if the children deserve treats for good behavior, or discipline for bad behavior. If you're good, he brings pocketfuls of candies, nuts and cakes for you. This Belsnickle trio carries the goods in pouches (and maybe a backpack on that middle guy). I'm sure you're on the good list this year, but you might keep this piece on display during the month of December as a reminder to be good.

Stitch Count: 125 W x 101 H

Model Fabric: 32 count Parchment by Weeks Dye Works
(or whatever fabric you prefer)

Design size on 32 count: 8.25" x 9.25"


Weeks Dye Works: Brick

DMC: Ecru, 310, 500, 613, 782, 830, 844, 976, 977, 988, 3013, 3032, 3346, 3362, 3771, 3772, 3777, 3781, 3864