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Autumn Saltbox by Mani di Donna


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Autumn brings the peach/orange house, with a scarecrow guarding the quilt squares from the inquisitive crow!

Stitch Count: 61 x 70

Fabric: 32 count Linen by Mani di Donna
(or whatever fabric you prefer)

Threads (for all four designs in the series, each pattern sold separately):

Weeks Dye Works: Tatanka (x 2), Linen (x 2), Red Pear, Lily Pad, Broom Tree, Cocoa, Sanguine, Mascara, Whitewash, Sandcastle, Curry, Red Rocks, Cinnabar, Sweet Potato, Jay Bird, King Mackerel, Roasted Figs, Bright Leaf, Skinny Dip, Carrot

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