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I Had a Father Kind and True by Cross Stitch Antiques


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A beautiful English sampler, stitched by Alice Clark, age 14. Includes red and green motifs, Adam and Eve, and pretty bushes, flowers and trees. The verse reads:

I had a father kind and tru, Whose face no more I see, Ye who have father kind to you, a moment think on me. Why should we morn departed friends, or shake at deaths alarm, tis but the voice that Jesus sendes to call us to his arms. And set the Lord still in my sight, And trust him over all, for he doth stand at my right hand, Therefore I shall not fall.

Stitch Count: 491 x 486

Model Fabric: 46 count Old Sheep by XJude Designs
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


DMC: 935, 221, 677, 522, 437, 598, 152, 898, 927, 739, 844, 3013, 642, 734, 321 (x 3), 3012 (x 3), 3831 (x 3), Ecru

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