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Calvin and Clyde by Stitching with the Housewives


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It's nice to know that Calvin can be counted on top hang out in the cornfield with the scarecrow from time to time. And does Clyde have flower patches on his knees?

Stitch Count: 98 W x 99 H

Model Fabric: 28 count blue Monaco
(or whatever fabric you prefer)


Classic Colorworks: Bamboo, Barn Door, Black Coffee, Blushing Beauty, Chesapeake Bay, Chopped Chives, Embers, Mariner's Compass, Nature Trail, Perfect Piecrust, Pumpkin Harvest, Queen Bee, Steping Stones, Wagon Wheel, Ye Olde Gold

Or DMC Conversion: 3865, 355, 310, 899, 161, 320, 721, 738, 3364, 950, 402, 729, 642, 869, 3828

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