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Ideas for Your Stitching Book of Days, Calendars, Planners

1. Spiral bind your book, add clear covers to the front and back, and add extra card stock pages at the back for more space.

2. Add your name and address (or email address) to the front inside cover, in case your calendar is lost.

3. Add things like stickers, washi tape, and memorabilia to the monthly pages for added color & interest.

4. Each month, add information on your new starts (pattern, fabric, changes you made, etc.). You can also notate things worked on daily or weekly, Flosstubes watched, purchases made, special events attended, etc.

5. Add photos (from retreats, from current events, from favorite designers and artists.) If you have a mini printer, those photos are the perfect size to add in. Kodak, Canon, HP all have mini printers that print 2” x 3” photos.

6. Add special notes and cards from friends, floss tags traded, cards of merit earned, meaningful quotes, your Word of the Year, etc.

With your extra pages, consider tracking some of these things for the year:

  • Stash purchased
  • Smalls, Bigs, Seasonals, Samplers, WIPS that you want to stitch this year
  • Patterns and threads on your “to purchase” list
  • Special events that you attend
  • Events “of note” from around the world or from your own world
  • Photos or lists of projects completed
  • Shops visited (online or in person)
  • Stitching groups or stitchy friends made
  • Audiobooks or TV shows/Movies watched while stitching

You can turn your calendar into your own creative yearbook with a bit of extra time and attention. At the end of the year you’ll be able to see all of the things that you worked on, enjoyed, and accomplished.

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