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2022 Sampler Camp

2022 Sampler Camp!

This year we’re celebrating our first annual Sampler Camp for anyone who would like to participate. I hope you’ll join us! Here are the details:

  • It’s a virtual camp. You can participate from the comfort of your own home.
  • This Camp runs from September through December, 2022.
  • The goal is to have fun, meet some new stitchy friends, and get some projects done!

The Challenge

  • Work on a Sampler that you can personalize in some way. It can be a small change (a color, a tiny motif added) or a big change (family names, different borders or bands, etc.)

The Rules

  • This year (since we didn’t give you a lot of pre-notice!) you can take a sampler that you’ve already been working on. Next year we’ll start a new sampler on September 1st, which coordinates with Sampler September!
  • You need to finish your Sampler by the last day of the year (or earlier)
  • To be entered into the prize drawings as a participant, you need to post a picture of your sampler supplies on Instagram sometime during September (or later). Please don’t show actual charts. Just your fabric, threads, and the pattern cover. In your photo description, please add: #samplercamp2022 and #coloradocrossstitcher
  • To be entered into the prize drawings as a finisher, you need to post a picture of your finished project on Instagram. (Stitching done. Does not have to be framed or any other type of fully finishing.) In your photo description, please add: #samplercamp2022 and #coloradocrossstitcher
  • If I (ColoradoCrossStitcher) have “liked” your photo post, then you know I have seen it and you’re on my list!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I don’t use Instagram. How else can I participate? You’re welcome to participate and stitch along anyway! Instagram is the social media of record for Sampler Camp (because I need an easy way to track everything.) But that’s just for the prize drawings. If you just want to stitch along, do so and don’t worry about the picture posting part!
  • I posted my photo with the hashtags, but you haven’t “liked” my photo yet. Why not? If it has been more than 48 hours without me liking it, then I probably can’t see it. This happens if your account is set to Private. You can either set it to Public during the summer, or send me a message through Instagram and ask me to Friend you. Once you approve that request from me, I’ll be able to see what you post.
  • I’m a Maker/Designer/Shop and would like to donate some of my things for prizes. How do I contact you? You can email me at: We would LOVE to have you donate to Camp prizes!
  • Do I need to purchase my supplies from your shop in order to participate? You do not. However, we always very much appreciate your orders!